Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Halloween almost a month later......


Monday, June 2, 2008

Libby is almost 8 months old now! She is starting to crawl like a bear on her feet instead of her knees, and she holds her bottle with one hand and two feet so she can rub her hair with the other hand, she loves hair. Sometimes I'll be holding her on my hip and one of the other girls will walk by and she'll reach down and grab a hold of their hair so tight they can't go anywhere until i untangle them. its really funny to see because she gets so excited like she caught a fish or something. Shes a good baby and we love her!

Kaydance and Irelynn

They are buddies! They love to play house out in the yard. Usually Emily is the Mom, Kaydance is the dad and Irelynn is the "Little Kid". I always hear either Emily or Kaydance saying somehting like "Hey little kid, I'm the mom and I said go clean your room or I'm gonna throw away all your toys" ...don't know where they would have picked up something like that! They make me laugh a lot! They also love their little baby sister. A few weeks ago Kaydance was holding Libby and singing to her, "Hush little baby don't stay alive..." I havent bothered correcting her yet, its too funny.


Emily Is having a fun summer, so far we're off to a good start. She likes playing T-ball, unfortunately she got her mothers athletic genes (she runs like a girl) . We love to go and watch her games. The last game Emily was the last batter so she was supposed to run around all the bases without stopping. Well she didn't quite understand what was going on so she'd stop at each base and take off her batting helmet so she could hear what the coaches were shouting at her, which was "Run Emily!" iIt was very cute. it took her about 5 minutes to get around the entire field. But she can hit the ball very hard!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Here is John! He is the best husband and dad ever! He works a lot! Right now he is building a house in Linden as well as working at his regular job. We are grateful he is such a hard worker and still comes home and plays with us until he inevitably falls asleep somewhere......and we have to go wake him up and put him in his bed. Little Libby has him wrapped around her little finger, and so do the other girls....come sixteen, those boys better watch out for John...he'll just be sitting at home, cleanin his gun...

Here is me! I just cut my hair all off although you can't see it in the picture, I just started working at the Cutting Edge Salon in Snowflake, I am very excited, its nice to get out of the house a few days a week and leave work at work! I have 4 girls, and am NOT PREGNANT!? I just try to stay crazy busy all the time. My sweet husband puts up with me and my craziness, he should win an award for that because I can be hard to put up with somedays. John and I will have been married for 5 years come this June...we feel very old...not grown up...just old

This is Emily at her first dance recital. They danced to How much is that doggy in the window. It was very cute and Emily was excited to get her hair curled like Shirley Temple. She dances ALL OVER THE PLACE and is constantly singing songs from high school musical. She is a very sweet girl....when she wants to be.

Kaydance is 3 and thinks she is an adult. She uses big words to make herself sound smarter. She cracks us up with all the funny stuff she says. She wants to be an Astronaut when she grows up. Ya she actually said that she wants to fly around the moon. She is also a drama queen. I guess she reminds me of Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde a very smart silly blonde girl....she's pretty clumsy too, which makes her all the more charming.

We went to help John build the house in Linden. Irelynn thought she was so cool when she climbed to the top of the ladder. She makes us laugh so much. Yesterday she cried because she wanted her ears pierced. When I told her we had to go to the store to do it, she stuck her chubby little pointer finger in my face and said "Tomorrow!"......yes ma'm!

I love this Picture of Libby! Its one of my favorites...she is officially going to be four months old on the 8th. As far as she knows she has 4 moms Me, Emily Kaydance and Irelynn. They are constantly "helping" by shoving pacifiers in her mouth, or picking her up when she cries. They do make her laugh though, which is very cute because it shows off her dimples. We just adore her.