Monday, June 2, 2008

Kaydance and Irelynn

They are buddies! They love to play house out in the yard. Usually Emily is the Mom, Kaydance is the dad and Irelynn is the "Little Kid". I always hear either Emily or Kaydance saying somehting like "Hey little kid, I'm the mom and I said go clean your room or I'm gonna throw away all your toys" ...don't know where they would have picked up something like that! They make me laugh a lot! They also love their little baby sister. A few weeks ago Kaydance was holding Libby and singing to her, "Hush little baby don't stay alive..." I havent bothered correcting her yet, its too funny.


The Johnson's said...

These girls are the cutest, happiest kids alive today. We love them to death! Nonny & Poppy